Frequently Asked Questions

What is 1:1 Coaching?

As described by the ICF (“International Coaching Federation”), coaching is “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential”.

While every client has unique goals and vision, there are core shifts that happen in high-quality 1:1 coaching partnership: increased clarity, higher confidence, greater ease in decision-making, willingness to take risks, self-trust, capacity to shift out of negative quickly (emotional autonomy), and increased sense of sovereignty. 

When we partner, you will be seen and respected as the whole, powerful, resourceful, wise and capable person you are.

Working with a coach means being supported, 100% accepted, and deeply loved. It also means being held accountable to your highest vision of and for yourself. 

1:1 coaching means you bring your full self, your willingness to do the work, and your drive to take consistent action towards your vision. I bring 100% of my presence, attention, and deep listening. I ask the powerful questions and provide insightful reflections so that you move closer to being who you want to be and experiencing life as you want to experience it. 

Who Does Personal Coaching Work For?

Coaching is for people who are willing to step outside of their comfort zone on a regular basis. It’s for courageous people who are committed to becoming more of themselves.

In my own development, I have worked with psychiatrists, therapists, and coaches. What sets coaching apart is a core held belief by the practitioner that there is nothing to fix, nothing wrong with the client, and that the client has all the answers. It is a meeting of two whole people, in the co-creation of desired outcomes.

Personal coaching works best for people who are open to newness and possibility. This doesn’t mean you’re superhuman, void of bad days or negative habits. It means you’re resourced enough to show up for yourself even when it’s challenging. 

We’re moving from surviving to thriving. And once we’re thriving, we are continually moving to deeper and more fulfilling levels of thriving! 

What’s the Best Time to be Coached?

While I work with clients at many stages of life and over long periods of time, many people choose to start a coaching relationship during or before a big transition. 

I hired my first coach when I was in an MBA program, working in the startup world and feeling big overwhelm and confusion about why I couldn’t be ‘happy’ even though everything ‘looked good’ on the outside. 

What I’d really say about timing, though, is that you’ll know when it’s right/have a sense of a ‘pull’ towards this energetic, time, and financial investment. 

Clients have described the feeling of wanting to go into the unknown as being ‘on a precipice,’ or ‘writing an unknown chapter’, and ‘cresting a wave’. 

You may feel a bit of unease, but in your ‘heart of hearts’, you’ll feel a pull and a readiness. A knowing that you want something that you know coaching might unlock, even if you’re not exactly sure what it is. 

If this is you, the best place to start is a conversation.

What if I’m Skeptical of Coaching?

Most of the men I coach have this in common before we start working together. They’re men who’ve made it really far on their own, who others look to with some envy.

Are you willing to allow yourself to be surprised by the gains coaching can provide? Here’s an example of one of the many men who came in with a lot of skepticism and ended up with massive results:

“I had long held reservations about personal coaches but within my first hour of meeting Brooke, she turned those assumptions on their head. She is exceptional at what she does and has an incredible talent for keeping clients engaged, reflective and on a path of progress. In our first session she asked me to list three ambitious goals for the next year…less than six months later I have accomplished each of them and the momentum just keeps building.” – Cameron J

Why Brooke in Particular?

A coaching relationship is highly personal. Ensuring there’s an energetic fit between you and your coach is important. A coach should be someone you can trust intimately and also (IMHO) someone you’d happily sit down for a drink with, or who you could play a whole 18 rounds of golf with!

My highest vision is a world of courageous humans who live in complete autonomy in themselves, and who sense and utilize their own innate power for the continued freedom of all. If we are a fit, that will resonate with you. If it does, I’d love to connect with you.